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GREEN TIPS 21 – Recycling and DIY Cleaners

To clean your microwave put 125 ml water into microwaveable bowl, add half a lemon and heat on high for 2 mins. Leave for 5 mins while steam does its work, then wipe off with clean cloth or paper towel.

To clean windows spray with solution of one part white vinegar and 4 parts water. Wipe with crumpled newspaper. Best done on dull day.

 To freshen carpet sprinkle with of bicarbonate of soda, leave 15mins, then vacuum. Or soak a cotton wool ball in essential oil (e.g. lavender) & put in vacuum bag.

 To make mirrors sparkle wipe over with a used wet teabag and dry with kitchen paper.

 To shine tiles and sinks use a small amount of baby oil.

 To clean glass vase half fill with water and 2 Alka Seltzer tablets. Leave overnight & rinse next morning.

 Did you know you can recycle:

Old bras via Against Breast Cancer’s textile recovery

Empty inhalers via GlaxoSmithKline uk.gsk.com

Old video and audio cassettes in hard plastics

container at most recycling centres (remove tape first)

Tights and pop socks in textile banks (nylon is reused)

Keys in the mixed metal section of recycling centre

Plastic plant pots via pottoproduct.co.uk

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Recycling Opportunities

Ecology Focus

As part of the Church's commitment to the planet and our ongoing
focus on Ecology, the following items will be collected for recycling
at the Church over the next five months, as indicated.
Bins will be made available in the Lounge area.

Postcards (any age and from anywhere) 

Jigsaw puzzles.
If you can confirm they are complete that would help otherwise we need volunteers to check therm

Tools - DIY in good condition, please.

No specific collections

Christmas cards and Greetings Cards

 Also boxes are always available for postage stamps, clean tin foil,
rags for WCHP, printer cartridges, mobile phones and
milk bottle plastic caps (Note: Milk Bottle caps only)

Where does it all go?
Religious books - Bookaid for the Developing World;
Ladybird books - Bookaid for help with learning English;
CDs - local recycling scheme;
Plastic Carrier Bags - local supermarket plastic bag recycling facility;
knitting, dressmaking and needlework items - Workaid for the Developing World;
Hearing Aids - Hard of Hearing Christian Fellowship;
Spectacles - Vision Aid Overseas;
Plastic milk bottle tops - Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice
printer cartridges - returned to manufacturer;
postage stamps - Far East Broadcasting Association;
Silver foil - Guide Dogs UK;
Postcards - sold in aid of the Sudan Church Association;
jigsaw puzzles local charity shop (Worthing);
Christmas cards - Woodland Trust (via local supermarket)
 mobile phones - Woodland Trust;
corks c/o Michael the Recycler (Storrington)
Newspapers - Ferring Country Centre

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e-mail: info@wwbc.myzen.co.uk